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Sat. Jun 29 | ALL AGES
Black Dog Prowl
8:30 pm
7:30 pm
$12 | Advance
$15 | Day of show


Hailed as one of Washington, D.C.’s hardest-hitting rock bands, Black Dog Prowl takes the audience through a captivating, high-energy performance that blends raw and creative songwriting with overdriven guitars, sludgy grooves, intense vocals, and an explosive rhythm section.“Out of Washington, D.C. comes a band who mixes the gritty grunge of Soundgarden with the fuzz noise of Baroness and a whole lot of blues and attitude, and that band is Black Dog Prowl.” —Madness to Creation

Curse Words

Hailing from Washington D.C., Curse Words are a bunch of self-described “Space Nerd Party Punks” who have spent the past 5 years honing their love of pop punk and the 90’s alternative rock they grew up on into a sound of their own. With strong DIY ethics and a relentlessly energetic and enthusiastic live show, they have made their way up and down the East Coast while establishing a strong presence in their home base in the nation’s capital. While the band has always incorporated a sci-fi element to their music without straying too far from the power chord sing-a-longs they grew up on, Curse Words is currently hard at work expanding on the conceptual side of their music. “Trash Planet Earth” (ETA Summer 2019) is the follow up LP to their well-received 2017 EP “Intergalactic Exxon Valdez”.

Brickwall Monty

Born from a pool of ooze and discarded Megadeth tapes on the outskirts of Capitol Hill, the mutant creature known as Brickwall Monty was nursed to health by an old sage with the goal of murdering Rock & Roll. After years of relentless training with a steady diet of the Lawrence Arms and Discharge, Brickwall Monty was unleashed onto the unknowing Washington, DC public in Spring 2018 to some audience acclaim and several mosh pits. A few onlookers remarked that Monty reminded them of The Damned and Minor Threat, complimenting their “facemelters” and “signature aggressive riffs”. A few know-it-all punks even name-dropped Flipper. Monty’s still holding out for an Enya comparison, but we’ll see.