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Thu. Aug 1 | ALL AGES
Champion Sound Band
8:00 pm
7:00 pm
$16 | Advance
$16 | Day of show


Champion Sound Band draws from their individual backgrounds to form a special harmony. With shared passions for tried and true musicianship and exploration, their ever-evolving soundscapes feel both warmly familiar yet one of a kind.

The Washington Post most recently described the group as “a sensitive soul-jazz sextet”. Going on, The Post’s Chris Richards affirms in his review– “after a couple of years songwriting in this current lineup, a tender touch comes reflexively, with everybody working delicately around (Anastasia) Antoinette’s blue-flame voice until their supporting gestures coagulate into a song.”

Champion Sound Band blends their love for jazz, blues, funk, soul and hip-hop to create something all their own. A community of like-minded musicians who feel kindred. The love and care they have for each other translates to their art, and the music is at once positive and empowering. With a sense that we are all champions, the aim is clear– to uplift and inspire. Altogether, the vibration is tranquil and transformative. This dichotomy delivers an impressive result. It’s music you won’t soon forget. A feeling of enchantment. Something worth sharing. And Champion Sound Band invites all to join their family.

The band includes Anastasia Antoinette on vocals, Gudo on drums and production, Kareem ‘Reemz’ Johnson on keys and production, John Eamon on sax, Jimmy Keith on bass and Alex James on guitar.

Black Folks Don't Swim?

Black Folks Don’t Swim? is a world based movement of musicians, songwriters, composers, and activists generating comfortable spaces for all to come together and feel uplifted through music. Black Folks Don’t Swim? must be pronounced with the upswing inflection common to any great question pondered by minds of the time. This gender bending music group collectively continues to expand their magnetic energy in and around the District, resonating their soulful arrangements in venues where artistic expression lives and breathes.Purveyors of vibrations native to funkified soul sound…they are Blue note blue jazz, polyrhythms, future funk, all ubiquitous one (with two and four clapping), toe tapping boogie shake down sound. Black Folks Don’t Swim? Who don’t swim? We float!