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Fri. Jan 12 | all ages
Go Mod Go!
9:00 pm
8:00 pm
$12 | Advance
$12 | Day of show

60s Mod meets 60s Go-Go Girls = GO MOD GO!

Go Mod Go! is DC’s 10-piece all-star band featuring the crafty vocal skills of Jake Starr and Mundy Spears. GMG delivers a high-energy outing of the hippest music from 60’s genres of Mod, French Yé-Yé, American Psychedelic/Garage, Swinging Go-Go big band, & wild Tiki-punk!

The Hall Monitors

The Washington Post: The quartet plays fuzzy, bluesy garage rock that sounds like it came straight off the “Nuggets” box set. Garage rock is a genre in which originality is about the 43rd most important trait for a band to have; it’s much more important to get those guitars just right and to be able to convincingly pull off the retro sound. And the Hall Monitors do that with ease

The Screws