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Sat Apr 8 | all ages
Justin Jones
Beccs | Down Dexter
8:00 pm
7:00 pm
$15 | Advance
$15 | Day of show


“I was raised on blues and soul music. When I look at the core of
myself, my name is Luther and I’m a 68-year-old black guy with one green
eye and a couple gold teeth and I play harmonica in a blues band that plays
at a dump in the ghetto. Nobody comes to the gigs, and I’ll have played
there my whole life—like, five days a week my band plays there. One night,
Keith Richards is in town and he comes in and jams with me. Word gets
around and someone recorded it and then that record gets released, and I
die the day before it gets released. When it’s released, it’s the biggest blues
hit since Stevie Ray Vaughan. On the inside, that’s what I look like.”

Justin Jones is “rock and roll…No Auto-Tune, no gimmicks-just a
songwriter with a guitar and a crack band,” says The Vinyl District’s
Jennifer Carney. With a musical career that spans more than a decade,
Virginia native Justin Jones is performing in support of his fifth full-length
record, Outgrown.

Weaned on the sounds of southern soul, blues, and rock, Jones started
playing open mike nights in Charlottesville near his hometown in his early
teens. His first album, Blue Dreams – recorded in 2004, is the cornerstone
of what turns out to be this prolific singer-songwriter’s catalog of
albums, including Love Versus Heroin, and I Am the Song of the
Drunkards, The Little Fox EP and Fading Light, that express both the lows
and highs of love and life. “The songs I write and the music my band and I
play, in my mind, is quintessentially American… It lives and breathes in the
landscape that is America… sometimes soulful and sometimes stark…
sometimes hard and sometimes lush. I like to think I write beautiful songs
about death, sad songs about love, and hopeful songs about life. What I
consider a kind of secular spiritual music.”

Down Dexter