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Sat. Jun 30 | all ages
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“In-depth conversations about the world and our place within await around every corner, in DC at least. Oftentimes these weighty discussions end at an impasse, each side so confident in the rightness of their held position that there is no change. Every once in a while, however, a new perspective on an old belief is born not through entrenched rhetoric, but candid questions. We’ve all heard it, maybe you even said it yourself: “hm, that’s a good question.” Paperhaus don’t have the answers, hell, they’re still looking for the right questions. And that sense of seeking propels their new record—Are These The Questions We Need To Ask?, out Fall 2017 on Pittsburgh’s Misra Records (Destroyer, Phosphorescent, Great Lake Swimmers)—forward, while much of the world is left looking at the past.

Founded in 2006 by Alex Tebeleff (Black Lodge) along with childhood friends Eddie Rivers and Jeff Galfond, and fleshed out by various collaborators over the years—on ATTQWNTA?, Tebeleff has continued the project and is joined by new writing partners Matt Dowling (Deleted Scenes, The Effects, Joy Buttons) and Rick Irby (Den-Mate, Wanted Man, Jau Ocean)—Paperhaus functions as both a band and a creative collective, the latter in the form of their famed house venue (infamously featured on the pilot of HGTV’s DC Flippers). After a tense election season and the loss of a central collaborator to the sun of Los Angeles, Tebeleff felt it was time to change up the project’s approach. A steady diet of modular synthesizers, community organizing and collaborative experimentation with aforementioned players emboldened his resolve to ride Paperhaus to its inevitable next stage.

And here we are: now. ATTQWNTA? marks a turning point for Paperhaus. Through a wide palate of psych, kraut, classic pop and noise Paperhaus rips through eight exciting new tracks, each paying service to the album’s whole. The current ensemble shines most on new songs like “Told You What To Say,” “Go Cozy,” and “Walk Through The Woods,” where some of the band’s heaviest guitars mix with a potent, mechanical rhythm section and Tebeleff’s Moog Sub 37, on which many of these compositions were first conceived. The lyrics—penned by Tebeleff and Dowling—reflect the band’s newly matured worldview, infusing their long-held commitment to community with a sense of wide-eyed awe. Settling into a series of studios over the last two years, the final recorded product was expertly engineered & mixed by Peter Larkin of The Lighthouse Recording Studio in Alexandria, VA. All things considered, ATTQWNTA? shows a new band ready to lead their peers out onto the next branch. They haven’t forgotten where they came from, but instead, they’re forging ahead, despite the anxiety of the unknown.”

– Peter Lillis

Park Snakes

Through dedicated performances of powerful and well-crafted sets, DC’s trio Park Snakes (formed by Nenet, Jason Coile and Van Hillard) finds their true motivation opening a provocative, yet productive, dialogue with audiences. Lyrics tackling on alienation, ambiguity, desire and the possibilities of love float on top spiky riffs and propulsive drums, bringing together the swamp and the city untold: a tale of rock noir.


Tapes for our first release, “Silk”, got delivered at my place today.

I brought my tape deck to my room and played it twice, thinking about how crazy exhausting it felt recording in 2017. It was summer and we worked at our friend Alex Tebeleff’s place in Brookland, the second incarnation of Paperhaus, for what seemed forever but probably was four or six seven hour sessions. We mixed at Peter Larkin’s beautiful (now sadly gone) Lighthouse Studio in DelRay. Then came mastering, done quickly and efficiently by the amazing Sarah Register, in NY.

We decided to record the songs we put out in our demo, and add my new favorites “Pride”, “Ugliest Man In The World”, “Silk”, “San Diego Blues” and “A Game”. Benjamin Schurr (Br’er, Blight Records) made a perfect guest appearance on bass in all tracks, adding a real edge to the sleazy melodies and themes of “Ugliest…” and “A Game”.

The Spanish artist Javier Mayoral gracefully delivered the cover art, which I modified slightly to fit a “hot pink” color scheme that I thought would suit the record well.

It’s a modest but powerful debut, in my opinion, and it encapsulates well what the band was and worked for in our first two years in existence. From our initial statement of “Alien” (that deals with feelings of otherness, estrangement and immigration) to the coming out vibes of “Silk”, the very honest queerness of “Pride” and the melancholy of “San Diego Blues”, an ode to leaving your spirit behind in California.

I wrote “Ugliest Man In The World” as a poem to two of the best women I know, reminiscing my wilder days in Buenos Aires, and “A Game” to the impossibility of keeping a straight face when it comes to falling in love. It makes me happy to have Jason and Van as bandmates; they manage to capture the feeling that I sometimes can’t express in technical terms, and they don’t mind me mumbling as I go through composing our songs. I wrote most of them in our first practice space, a warehouse in Silver Springs, and in between drinks at The Raven and my old room on Park Rd.

I hope you can join us in what will be the official presentation of the tape, March 3/2 at Slash Run with The Effects and Natural Velvet. We are psyched!

Bacchae, pronounced “bock-eye”, are a Washington, D.C band with a sound that can be described as post-punk, synth rock and heavy pop. Bacchae was formed in 2016 and includes musicians Andrew Breiner on guitar, Katie McD on keys and vocals, Rena Hagins on bass and vocals and Eileen O’Grady on drums.
DJ Hipsterwoods (Trashpass)