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Sat Aug 16 | all ages | Rock & Roll Hotel 8 Year Anniversary!
Frameworks | Black Clouds | Will Butler
8:00 pm
7:00 pm
$$12 | Advance
$$12 | Day of show


United Nations is an experimental punk supergroup whose roots go back to at least 2005 formed by Geoff Rickly, the singer/lyricist of the band Thursday.

Other artists rumored to be involved in the project most noteably include Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw/Head Automatica fame along with Ben Koller of Converge. A handful of other names have also been mentioned: Chree (The Number Twelve Looks Like You), Eric Cooper (Kiss It Goodbye) Lukas Previn (Acid Tiger) Tom Keeley (Thursday) Jonah Bayer (The Lovekill).

Since Rickly is the only member whose primary band is currently not under contract, his name is the only one that can legally appear in press materials. Press photos of the band released in 2008 depict four people wearing Ronald Reagan masks, believed to be because of this reason. The only exception to this being when Daryl breifly mentioned being involved in the project to Punk News in 2005 ( Baring all this in mind, the official line-up is not well known.

The bands debut record entiled United Nations was released in September 2008 amid much controversy surrounding the original artwork and also the bands name.

Before its release, stores refused to sell the band’s debut self-titled album because of copyright issues. As a result, only 1,000 copies were made with the controversial cover, and later copies were made with an alternative cover. The one thousand original copies were sold exclusively through the band and Eyeball Records.

The controversial cover can be found here:

The actual international organization, United Nations, for which the band is named after, discovered that a musical group had formed under the name of United Nations, and ordered Facebook to remove their official page. After deleting their page, Facebook informed the band about the removal and also stated, “The use of the name ‘United Nations’ by the Band and the use of its Logo which resembles the UN emblem has not been authorized and violates international and United States laws…” The band’s record label comically responded the situation stating, “The United Nations, an international organization of some kind, has been taking issue with the band that shares it’s name. Who had the name first remains open to debate, but the problem exists nonetheless.”Their label also hinted at the possibility of no longer being able to release their debut album. In December 2008, a little over a month after the band’s Facebook was deleted, their MySpace page was also deleted

Frameworks are a melodic hardcore band from Gainesville, FL. Forming in early 2011, they released their debut EP Every Day Is The Same, in October 2011. They incorporate elements of post-hardcore and screamo/skramz together, promoting their own brand of melody driven hardcore.
Black Clouds
Will Butler
Will Butler is the jack of all trades in the globe trotting Arcade Fire, who will headline Verizon Center on Sunday August 17. He has won a string of awards with the group, and the band has headlined major music festivals around the world. Will also received his first Academy Award nomination for Best Original Score for co-writing the score for the film HER.