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Fri. Feb 9 | all ages
Yung Lean & Sad Boys
6:00 pm
5:00 pm
$20 | Advance
$22 | Day of show


Thaiboy Digital

Khon Kaen born, Stockholm raised Thaiboy Digital´s life took quite an unexpected turn in early 2015; coming strong off his critically acclaimed mixtape ʼส Tigerʼ (featuring stand-out track ʼDiamondsʼ featuring Yung Lean), touring across the globe with the SBE crew and only a few months away from his (Swedish equivalent to) collage graduation, for reasons mostly still unknown the Swedish Immigration Board decided that even though he had been living in the country since the age of four, he had to return to Thailand with immediate effect – a state he had very little connection to, exempt being his place of birth.

Getting caught in bureaucratic limbo and forced into exile just as he and his Drain Gang (f.k.a Gravity Boys) crew where gaining major momentum was a huge setback to say the least, ripping him not only from his creative base of producers and fellow artists but also from the friends he grew up with and the city he knew and called home.

Despite all this, new music started surfacing online shortly after; posted up in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thaiboy was hard at work and quickly released the ʼLord of The Jewelsʼ mixtape, followed by standalone single releases produced by GUD, Palmistry and DJ Kenn. Then, in late 2016, the bladee collaborative album ʼAvPʼ dropped – clearly marking that through all the trials and tribulations, Thaiboy had continued to grow, constantly looking to evolve and find new ways of expression in order to escape this daily struggles.

With new the EP ʼS.O.Sʼ he emerges re-energised and re-invented, effortlessly floating almost mantric across the rapping/singing border and back, lyrical content covering everything from intense love affairs, local gang rivalries and trapping out in bandos with new found friends to dreaming away towards new horizons and opportunities.

Beats provided by GUD, Woesum and Groundislava are spanning from the broken and minimalistic to the overtly euphoric and saturated, a vibrant variation of soundscapes with equal parts new takes on trap, euro trance and 80ʼs pop wave – four tracks representing fleeting, transient moments sprawled across a wide spectrum, impossible to capture and pin down but forever stuck in your mind.