Private Rentals


Planning a private event or party? Rock & Roll Hotel has a number of options to suit your needs. Rock & Roll Hotel is composed of three stories, and is a multipurpose establishment with a primary focus on music. The downstairs is the concert hall and music venue. The club’s tech specs are available upon request. Upstairs is the home to the Hotel Bar, complete with three private suites, dance floor, and Dj booth. The third floor is our beloved rooftop deck and bar. Below you will find descriptions of the rental options. Please contact us directly for quotes on individual floors or full house rentals. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs, as we do everything from political engagements to corporate events. Here at the Rock and Roll Hotel you will not be treated like a customer, but as a guest.

Please send an e-mail for more information on suites and availability.



Royal blue walls with gold pinstripes set the backdrop to presidential photos gone awry. Gene Simmons exiting Air Force One and Alice Cooper giving speech on lord knows what at the White House podium are a few examples of our photo shop mayhem. Complete with fancy furniture from the Carter era, this spacious forty capacity suite will make any Washingtonian feel at home. Fully functional bar with a private bartender. Like all our suites there is no room rental fee, only bar minimums. Please contact us for rates and availability here.



Overlook the hustle and bustle of H St in the Piano Cafe. Plenty of seating and privacy allow you to mingle while people watching the street traffic below. There is a enough room for dancing, and the main bar extends into this room to serve your party.



Oversized hand painted blood drips its way towards clusters of black thorny roses. This dimly lit crimson room is an intimate setting to get away from a sold out show or an over crowded bar. Relax on an array of red velvet furniture and enjoy some privacy. This room is perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, and gatherings on the smaller side. With the low bar minimum, this room holds a capacity of 20-30 people, and has its own private bar. Please contact us for rates and availability here.



Rock & Roll Hotel’s rooftop deck and bar is one of a kind. Opening in 2011, it placed Rock & Roll Hotel as one the few music venues in the entire world with an open air, rooftop bar. Enjoy DC’s weather year round on one of the most popular areas of the club. It is a available to rent for large, private events. Most of the time though it is hosting our regulars, concert goers, and the general public just looking to catch a drink outdoors. Please contact us for rates and availability if you’re interested in closing it down for your party. here.